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What Is Rice Milk and Is It Good for You?

//What Is Rice Milk and Is It Good for You?
Rice Milk

Rice milk is dairy-free and is used as a substitute of dairy milk.
The indigestible husk is removed from rice and then it undergoes cleaning process where all the germs and toxins are detoxed. In case of brown rice milk, the obtained product is sent to be grinded and processed into brown rice milk. In case of white rice milk, the obtained product is further sent for polishing and white rice is obtained. This white rice is then very finely milled and is dissolved in to water in order to obtain fresh and pure white rice milk.

Rice milk is mostly consumed by the lactose intolerant individuals. It is a condition when the stomach fails to produce enough enzymes called lactase which is necessary to digest lactose. If someone feels bloated or gassy after consuming dairy products, it is likely that they are lactose intolerant. It is used for a number of purposes but its main use is in food industry, particularly beverages and desserts.
rice milk suppliers in the USA that produce excellent quality brown and white rice milk. If you are lactose intolerant, or if you feel bloated or gassy after consuming dairy products, then the best substitute of dairy milk for you is rice milk. Our achievements like Organic NOP Certificate, Kosher Certificate, and Food Safety Certificate etc. represent the extent of quality of our services and products. All our products undergo strict processes which take place under excellent supervision of our experts. This is why the goodness of the products we manufacture speaks for itself.

Gluten free
Rice milk is a perfect substitute for dairy milk and is a great part of gluten free diet. Gluten is a fiber protein and some people are allergic to it. This is why if they consume gluten, their digestive systems gets disturbed.
Fortunately, our rice milk is hypo-allergenic. It is free of gluten and any kind of allergens, therefor safe and healthy for everyone to consume.

Cholesterol free
Unlike dairy milk, rice milk is cholesterol free. It does not contain any traces of saturated fat either. Thus, it makes a great substitute of dairy milk for those who are trying to shed some pounds or trying to cut down their fat intake.

Highly rich in nutrients
Rice milk is highly rich in healthy and helpful nutrients. It contains the following important nutrients.
It is nicotinic acid or in simpler words called Vitamin B3. It plays a huge role in the energy production in a human body.
Vitamin B6
It is required to maintain the health of red blood cells, skin and nerves.
Iron is an important part of blood and is very much required by the body in order to keep the blood healthy and circulate it properly throughout the body.
It is yet another important nutrient required by human body in order to maintain function of muscles, energy production, blood pressure regulation and blood pressure control.


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